Welcome to the website for Maddox Visual Productions!
Maddox Visual Productions has been operating full-time since 2001. The company is characterized by it’s visuals; having it’s roots in photography. We have long since moved into video/film and currently operate the only 5-ton grip truck in Southern Oregon. It’s our passion (not job) to stay on the cutting edge of things. We are part technical and and part creative. Special attention is paid to what’s new in lighting, capabilities and equipment. We also enthusiastically follow what’s trending in advertising and film and incorporate it into our productions. This combination gives our clients an advantage in their respective marketplace(s). We like to think of ourselves as a one stop visual shop to meet manufacturers and agencies advertising needs through photo and video. Photo services include product and lifestyle photography used in brochures, catalogs, websites and print advertisments. Video services include all phases of production - from scriptwriting to editing - to create product and web videos, television commercials and documentaries.

P.O. Box 324

Tel: 541-899-1456