We have been shooting full-time commercial photography since 2001. The owner, Tyler Maddox, started out in action motor sports; shooting magazine covers, insets and races around the country.

Today, Maddox Visual Productions specializes in commercial photography including still-life (product photography) and lifestyle (action, architecture, industrial and people). Still-life (product) photography requires a special mastery of lighting techniques, composition and equipment to achieve quality stills. We own and opperate a commercial studio which is equipped with a three-sided cyc wall, 7-foot motorized turntable, motorized hanging grid, and a proprietary 7 axis motion control camera rig we call the Orbiter. The studio is also chalked full of strobe and continuous lighting to handle any situation.

Lifestyle photography requires the ability to capture and/or create the moment that surrounds and highlights the product in a new, special and incentivizing way. This requires special visual storytelling techniques, production capabilities and post-editing capabilities (compositing, color-correction, etc.) to produce stunning lifestyle stills.

We arrive on-location with a loaded 5-ton grip truck fully-prepared for the expected and unexpected. Maddox Visual Productions is proud to photograph for top clients including Mitsubishi, Brammo and Suzuki. See the About page for a full client list.