Maddox Visual Productions is a full-scale production company. This means we are responsible for any and all aspects of video production - concepting, writing, shooting and editing.

Pre-production includes concepts, treatment writing, storyboarding, scriptwriting and production scheduling.

Production is done in our commercial studio or on location with our 5-ton grip truck. Director of Photography, Tyler Maddox, has worked around the world including L.A., New York, Mexico, Trinidad and Bali.

Post-production is done in our color-corrected edit bay.

Maddox Visual Productions has experience in film, documentaries and non-profits but specializes in advertising - specifically merging unique selling points with beautiful photography and smart storytelling. This treatment gives a big cinematic quality to even the most restrained product video. We also produce award winning television spots and web videos. Tyler is also available as a crew member as a Director of Photogarphy (DP). Visit our Rentals page to hire our Grip Truck, Property or Studio for your production.